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Back-end Azure Ninja, Denmark

Are you one of the best of the best with Microsoft Azure?

Are you open explore a new country, experience a new culture and meet new colleagues. Trifork needs more of the brightest software brains.

Would you like to work with some of the latest technologies in an international environment? 

Then, we have opportunities for you ...


Software Pilots ...

Trifork has done a number of “serverless” projects on Azure, and with many new and exciting projects underway, To support the continued growth, we are looking for more passionate and talented software pilots with Azure experience to join our dynamic and growing teams in the Netherlands and Denmark. This is a unique opportunity for those who want to make a difference and can take technical responsibility.

As a Azure software pilots at Trifork, you will be part of an agile and highly-skilled development team who invites you to take part in the entire development process. It is therefore important that you are able and willing to build relationships with our customers and strive to involve them in the whole process, openly addressing the challenges along the way and cultivating an environment of collaboration, transparency and integrity.

At Trifork the majority of our talents are educated and highly skilled Data Scientists, Computer Engineers and similar. Everyone in the crew with the title of being a Software Pilot. Even though we all naturally have different roles and responsibilities in the projects such as; Frontend, Backend, Tech Lead, Architect, Animator, UX’er, Designer, PM and even though we each have favourite flavours of Technology Stack and platform i.e. Unity, React, Java, iOS or Android. We have the philosophy that everyone is still a Software Pilot.

A Software Pilot at Trifork is a navigational expert and is always alert and seeking to help out our customers steering them safe through unknown or dangerous waters. 

We believe in agility and skills, not in suits and lengthy processes

Excellent Opportunity ...

This is an excellent career opportunity for a professional with an impressive development background and excellent interpersonal skills. 

In your new job you will primarily work with design and implementation of data collection, backend and data architecture solutions as well as Cloud setup / development. We are an interdisciplinary agile team, so you will also be involved in the other things we do from time to time.

About you ...

You have a background like computer science, engineer or the like. The ideal candidate has at least three years of professional experience and is strong all-round software developer who manages multiple languages, uses a wide range of tools, and knows about architecture and security in IT solutions.

Your skills ... 

  • You have expert problem-solving abilities

  • You have experience coding with C# for ASP.Net Web API & WCF Services

  • You have hands-on experience  with Microservices and Azure.
  • You have prior experience of Azure serverless development including Azure functions, EventHub and Stream Analytics is a must
  • You are very passionate about the technology 
  • You have an interest in DevOps and setting up of professional development environments

  • You are an outgoing person and can engage professionally with customers.

Fantastic experience ... !

Moving to a new country will be a fantastic experience that brings you attractive professional value and memories for the rest of your life. 

Experience a new culture, new colleagues, built a new network of connections and make new friends. Your will obtain a new international business perspective.

Trifork is looking for candidates to our offices in Denmark and the Netherlands. Both these countries share many of the same values in society. 

The culture is free, open and honest. Serious and humorous people. Everyone speaks very good English, which is also our corporate language.

In addition we offer ... 

  • Trifork Hackerdays - the opportunity to dive into technologies and projects of your choice
  • GOTO Conference and GOTO Nights - where you play a large part its content/topics
  • The opportunity to attend other developers conferences around the world
  • Scrum Certification
  • The opportunity to use new technology in projects
  • Annual strategy trip that focuses on team building and corporate culture
  • Platform independence and the freedom to organize your time and work location
  • Daily lunch at our cantina
  • Laptop, smartphone and broadband

To Travel is to Live ...

Innovation and inspiration starts with great people.

Maybe you are one of these very great people and maybe you are excited to do something different?

We have offices in several countries, mainly in Northern Europe, like the Denmark, the Netherlands, England, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland. But we are expanding and more office will come in the future.

The world famous author Hans Christian Andersen (Yes, he was Danish) who wrote many fairy tales was also famous for his travelling. He once said,

"... to travel is to live "

And he was right. When travelling one builds up experience and fantastic memories that last throughout life.

Practical Stuff ...

Moving to a new country is a big decision. Therefore, Trifork makes it very easy for you.

If you are interested and we like your competences, then we organize one or two Skype calls to clarify details of your profile. Maybe we ask you to do a small program or assignment. Finally, we invite you to one of our offices. We cover the cost. Is everything still fine for both you and us, then we sign a contract and you start as soon as possible.

Trifork will organize a place to live and help you with the settlement and whatever paperwork that needs to be done. This way you can concentrate on your new job or spent more time to experience the local area. Health security is taken care of by the state. We provide you a laptop computer, home internet access and a mobile phone.

Furthermore, within the first few months of starting at Trifork, you will participate in New Hire Training with our founder & CEO as well as other new (and sometimes old) colleagues from Trifork offices around the world, at our very own finca in Mallorca, Casa Maria.

Let us hear from you ...

Is this interesting for you? Do not hesitate to ask questions. Give us a call or drop us an email.

If you decide to apply, then try to answer the questions as good as possible, so we get the best view on what your strong sides are.

Should you also find one of our other job postings interesting - feel free to apply for them as well.

We look forward to hearing from you.

For more information:

Mr. Rasmus P. Bisgaard,, +45 4243 9493