Machine Learning Developer

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Machine Learning Developer

Trifork Amsterdam is looking for a Machine Learning developer with a passion for working on highly innovative project and with an eagerness to understand the business of our customers.


Trіfоrk experts develop business-critical enterprise solutions using open source software. 

We work with open-source technologies that are state-of-the-art, yet have a solid and proven base. We use Java and the Spring framework in our projects, technologies that we have been actively involved with for over a decade and provide training for through our GOTO Academy. 

We have extensive experience with different databases (SQL, NoSQL, search engines) as well as a wide variety of integration-related technologies like messaging and REST- and SOAP-based web services. 

As the birth place of the Axon framework we're one of the few companies with several years of production experience in applying CQRS and event sourcing: approaches which are especially great for building scalable and auditable systems in complex domains, and have become very popular recently with the rise of microservices-based systems.

New projects often target the cloud, where we embrace a cloud-native approach of building and running applications including practices like DevOps and Continuous Delivery: this ensures your ideas are turned into working software running in production in the fastest and safest way possible!

We share knowledge on our technical blog:

Within Trifork there are plenty of opportunities to learn new skills, to grow and take initiative. Our developers’ expertise and the willingness to grow, is the main priority at Trifork. We can guarantee unbeatable knowledge in the field of the newest open source technologies and agile development methods and a ride on the company yacht when it's in town... 

Your role and responsibilities 

  • Work with your project team to build the best solution for your customer

  • Preferably work in our office in Amsterdam, if needed on-site at the customer

  • Be involved in expert knowledge sharing by attending conferences and participating in meetups


  • Knowledge of any of the following programming languages: Python, Java/Kotlin

  • Experience working with data and understanding of statistics

  • Eager to learn new techniques and technologies
  • Curiosity towards our customers, their business and new developments
  • Experience with design patterns and object-oriented development


  • Knowledge of development platforms such as TensorFlow, MXNet, Spring, Hibernate and cloud platforms such as AWS, GCP and Azure
  • Entrepreneurial attitude. You dare to develop an idea into a new product
  • A drive to organize meetings and sessions around your expertise


  • Development and learning opportunities both within projects as well as in internal tech meetings, GOTO Nights, our GOTO Conference etc.
  • Global new hire training in Mallorca
  • Macbook Pro or high-end Dell laptop (Linux is recommended)

  • All-you-can-eat lunch for free


Rijnsburgstraat 9-11

1059 AT, Amsterdam

+31 20 486 2036