Working for Trifork in Denmark or the Netherlands

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Work with cool Software Technologies in a new country?

Our company is growing and we need more colleagues to work on our software projects. Maybe you are one "the best" software developers, architects, or UX designers. Maybe you can have other software related competences. 

Would you like to work with some of the latest technologies in an international environment? Then, we have opportunities for you.

Help us - and we help you!

Take the opportunity to explore a new country, experience a new culture and meet new colleagues. Trifork needs more of the brightest software brains.

Trifork works with many technologies. All projects are different and all our teams have different focus and a great mix of experience. 

Some of our teams specialise in specific technologies, other teams specialise in other technologies or work in a wide technical perspective. But they all innovate and test new cool stuff. Our culture dictates that we stay on the front-edge of innovation and evaluate new software technologies.

Sometime we reject a new technology and sometimes we adopt it and bring it onboard.

Fantastic Opportunities ... 

Trifork offers you a number of fantastic opportunities. Some of the highlights are:

  • We organise the GOTO developer conferences - and you may participate as part of your job
  • GOTO Nights – where you may play a role regarding its content and topics
  • The opportunity to attend other developer conferences around the world
  • Scrum Certification, Project Management training, Programming, or other training courses
  • Very flexible working environment - work from home, work in the office, up to you
  • Work with latest and coolest software technology
  • Be part of exciting software projects delivered to demanding and high profile customers
  • Work in dynamic teams with very nice people in a free atmosphere
  • Platform independence, Mac, Windows, Ubuntu, you decide what works best for you
  • The freedom and flexibility to organise your work time and work location
  • Laptop, smartphone and broadband

Creativity set free ...

Creativity is important for us and we organise "Hacker Days" to unleash our creativity:

Hacker Days are creative events. Go away for 2 days, into the woods away from the normal environment  (see the video below) 

Set your mind free and create some new cool Apps, programs, tools, whatever. When going away, we are not bound by daily routines or disturbed by phone calls.

We can think freely and let us inspire by colleagues, maybe some old ideas that were put aside can come forward again.

Sometimes we manage to sell the new invention to clients - sometimes we even bring clients along to tell us about their dreams and what they could only wish for ...

To travel is to live ....

Innovation and inspiration starts with great people

Maybe you are one of these very great people and maybe you are excited to do something different? 

We have offices in several countries, mainly in Northern Europe, like the Denmark, the Netherlands, England, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland. But we are expanding and more office will come in the future.

The world famous author Hans Christian Andersen (Yes, he was Danish) who wrote many fairy tales was also famous for his travelling. He once said,

"to travel is to live "

And he was right. When travelling one builds up experience and fantastic memories that last throughout life.

Practical stuff ...

Our corporate language is English, no matter which location. Many nationalities already work for us.

We organise English training courses if you feel for a brush up or want to lift your language skills further.

Relocation from your home country - we help you. Whether it is about finding a place to live or organise other practical stuff.

We offer a local contract and compensation based on skills, experience and local conditions.

We are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity at our company. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.

Let us hear from you ... 

Is this interesting for you? We hope so. Do not hesitate to ask questions. Give us a call or drop us an email.

If you decide to apply, then try to answer the questions as good as possible, so we get the best view on what your strong sides are. 

Should you also find one of our specific job postings interesting - great! - then feel free to apply for that as well.

We look forward to hearing from you.

For more information:
Mr. Rasmus P. Bisgaard,, +45 4243 9493

About Trifork ...

Since the beginning in Denmark in 1996, Trifork has been pushes the limits and boundaries of what new technologies can do for mankind and the environment.

Since then we have grown to +500 people distributed over several countries.

It motivates us to challenge our customers and provide them a competitive technology edge. Trifork is a company that makes a daily effort to stay on top of the ongoing waves of technology.

Our culture is open and honest. The atmosphere is easy going and we maintain a challenging, but fun working environment.

We work in agile and multi-functional teams with focus on pair programming and we maintain at least two developers per project.

We take pride in empowering employees to make decisions on their own, give them self-control and flexibility. We believe in a healthy work-life balance.