Trifork Culture

The main culture driver at Trifork is how we are organized. Small units of less than 50 people give an informal and direct style of internal communication. Trifork is builds on a flat organization and each individual is empowered to take ownership and responsibility - show the best you can do!

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Passion for Technology

Fundamental to our culture is the passion for technology - Think Software. New technologies arise in a constant flow and we see new technologies as a fantastic opportunity to challenge existing technologies. We all share the interest for being among the first movers and we share the passion for testing and evaluating the potential of new technologies. It is an integral part of the Trifork DNA to scout and search for new front-edge creations within the world of software. Therefore, it is an integral part of our core business and culture to maintain an inflow of new software technologies that we evaluate and test thoroughly, some we reject and some we approve.